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Tummy Tuck

Learn about the physical and financial tummy tuck costs

If you are considering a tummy tuck for the excess fat or skin on your stomach, your first step is to consult a plastic surgeon. After this initial consultation, you will have a much better idea of what you need to do to get the surgery done.

Tummy Tuck

When searching for a surgeon, look for one who has done many tummy tucks before and has had great success. You can ask to see before-and-after photos or ask if any patients are willing to speak with you. Medical privacy laws can make it difficult to get patients' contact information, but there are usually some patients who are willing to be contacted so that they can share their story with you.

The financial cost of a tummy tuck

If you have met with the surgeon and are getting a tummy tuck, it is time to consider the financial component of the surgery. Unlike gastric bypass or lap band surgery, a tummy tuck is not a medical procedure for weight loss—it is a cosmetic procedure. Thus, the cost of a tummy tuck is often not covered by insurance. However, this does not mean that the tummy tuck cost should be a deterrent to the surgery if it's what you really want. Most plastic surgeons will allow you to set up a payment plan.

The physical cost of a tummy tuck

A tummy tuck is an operation, so you may experience some pain, and there will be certain limitations while you recover. Your tummy tuck recovery depends on many factors. One is your overall health and how well you heal in general. In addition to your body's natural tendency, you can increase your chances of having an easy recovery by following your surgeon's advice, which might include stopping smoking, taking a prescribed amount of vitamin C and sticking to a prescribed diet before the surgery.

If you have already decided to have a tummy tuck, you are on your way to looking and feeling your best. Just be sure that this is a good fit for you and that you have the willpower to follow a pre- and post-operative set of instructions. Also, consider the financial ramifications of either saving up for the surgery or paying it off over time. A firmer stomach will definitely be nice, but it may not be worth sacrificing your long-term physical or financial health.

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