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Weight Loss Camp

Should you consider joining a fat camp?

Weight loss camps are becoming more and more popular as a way to kick-start a healthy lifestyle as well as learn how to exercise and prepare healthy foods. Older camps often just focused on increasing activity and limiting food amounts to achieve weight loss, but the newer camps are also using cognitive behavioral therapy to get more long-term results and reduce the stigma of being overweight.

Types of Weight Loss Camps

Weight loss boot camps work with each camper to determine the amount of weight they need to lose. This is usually a short-term solution. Campers focus on aerobic exercise and reduce the amount of calories consumed. Psychological therapy is usually not employed in these programs.

Weight loss camps for adults often have an age range they are working with, so campers can forge connections more easily. The most common technique they use beyond exercise is cognitive behavioral therapy. The goal of this is to create life-changing choices, so the camper can continue to lose weight outside of camp and enjoy new lifestyle patterns. These might include taking more time for themselves by joining a gym, taking a daily walk and even getting a massage to keep them from feeling depressed.

Weight loss camp for kids uses a different approach, since they have different needs. Children's camps often focus on fun ways to lose weight, with activities like trampolines, playing games outside with friends or using a Wii fit on a rainy day, and involving them in making their own health food, which can help them want to actually eat it. The goal is to make the experience not feel like a fat camp, but rather, a place with an emphasis on healthier living and enjoyable activities.

Weight loss camps might be the right choice for you or your child since they offer psychological therapy to induce long term changes, and they are also made to be fun. Ask the camp for their program ahead of time and clear it with your doctor; they can rule out any physical causes for obesity and give you the OK to engage in higher-intensity physical activity.

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