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Diabetic Recipes

Learn about recipes for diabetics

If you have diabetes, you have already undergone a serious life change by being diagnosed with a chronic condition. But one way to reduce the progression of the disease or your reliance on medication is to use your diet to control your blood sugar level. As with any other chronic condition, be sure your doctor is supportive and knows the dietary changes you will implement so they can lower your medication as needed.

Diabetes Diets to Control Blood Sugar

Diabetic recipes are those that can keep your blood sugar even throughout the day. The basis for these diabetes diet recipes is to keep your carbohydrates down while allowing protein to keep your blood sugar consistent. Even fruit has sugar and needs to be monitored and eaten sparingly, or as advised by your doctor.

The diabetic diet is a diet advised by The American Diabetes Foundation to improve your quality of life. This diet tells you exactly what types of foods you can eat with each meal, based on the number of calories you need to consume in a day.

A gestational diabetes diet is often the first step in helping a pregnant woman manage her blood sugar, since it poses the least risk to her and her developing baby. If this condition is left unchecked, the baby can produce too much insulin, which will induce rapid growth. If the baby gets too big, he or she may need to be delivered early, which has serious risks. The main points of a gestational diabetes diet are to eat often, choose foods high in fiber, eat foods with less sugar and fat, and make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals in your diet for you and your growing baby.

A type 2 diabetes diet is a diet that involves carbohydrate counting based on your specific needs. Though you can find information about this online, you really need to meet with a registered dietician to find out exactly how to implement this plan safely.

Diabetes can change your life drastically, but you are not powerless. Your medical diet choices can make the difference between needing more medication and having well-controlled diabetes. There are many recipes in cookbooks or on the Internet to choose from, and make sure you always check with your physician if you have any concerns.