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Low Carb Diet

Reduce carbs to lose weight

If you want to lose weight quickly, then the best weight loss diet programs for this focus on low-carb diets. They help you lose pounds quickly while still taking care of your nutritional needs. Most of these diets cut out high-carb food items, like bread, pasta, potatoes and corn and replace them with protein or vegetables which are lower in carbohydrates. They also encourage exercise as well as a balanced diet, including some carbohydrates, in order to stay healthy.

Types of Low Carb Diets

Low-carbohydrate diets can be found in a variety of methods and plans. The history of the low-carb diet goes back to hunter-gatherer times. Scientists believe that humans were healthier (and therefore thinner) because they mostly ate a diet of lean and fatty meats as well as raw vegetables. When grain and bread were introduced later, human beings began showing examples of obesity and tooth decay. Whether obesity is due to carbohydrates or to preservative chemicals used in modern food, it is true that a low-carb diet can help you lose weight quickly.

Types of low-carb diets include:

  • The Atkins diet. This diet is perhaps the most popular and well-known when it comes to cutting down on carbohydrates. Dr. Robert Atkins created this high-protein diet in 1972 which proved to be very successful in helping patients lose weight. However, it wasn't until this diet was republished in the 1990s that it really became popular. It has been criticized by the medical community for certain high risks to patients, so most people choose to follow a variation of this diet.
  • The Zone diet. Another low-carb diet, the Zone focuses on maintaining a "40:30:30" ratio of calories obtained daily from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Known as a good low-carb diabetic diet because of its insistence on hormone balance, the Zone diet is less focused on carbohydrate intake than it is on maintaining good hormones levels and nutrition.

The Controversy About High Protein Diets

Controversy sprung up in the 1970s over the Atkins diet because of its strain on the heart and cardiovascular system. A high-protein, high-fat diet is proven to raise cholesterol and can really be detrimental to health. However, it does have the benefit of allowing you to lose weight quickly; so, many people choose to go ahead with this diet despite its risks.

Before starting any low-carb diet, make sure you consult your doctor to tailor a proper diet plan for you. A variation of a low-carb diet can be used to help you lose weight. Never try a diet without medical assistance, and always include exercise in any diet program. By making sure you follow these rules, you can diet safely and without any ill effects to your health.