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Low Calorie Diet

Lose weight by counting calories

One of the best ways to lose weight is to choose a low-calorie diet that will allow you to eat as much as you want without packing on the pounds from high-calorie foods. Contrary to popular belief, counting calories doesn't mean you can't eat the foods you love. Rather, it means you need to stay within a set amount of calories as recommended for you by a doctor or diet professional. This will help you drop the pounds faster and feel healthier without having to sacrifice what you really like to eat; you just eat less of it.

What Are Low Calorie Diets?

A low-calorie diet plan sets a certain amount of calories for you to consume throughout the day. You must stay under this number in order to stay healthy and lose weight. Some programs also incorporate exercise and portion control to help you lose weight faster while still staying under your calorie allowance. Depending on the diet, you may be able to eat more calories if you exercise more than the allotted amount during the day.

These diets will also offer you examples of low-calorie foods to eat that will help you in your meal planning and cooking, and make it easier for you to shop and stick to your plan. Calorie counting isn't hard, but it does require quite a bit of willpower to stay within your goal.

Examples of Low Calorie Diets

Some examples of low calorie diet programs include:

  • Weight Watchers. This program, one of the most popular in the world, assigns a number of points to a specific weight and height combination. It also assigns points to all foods that are popular in a Western diet. The program works by requiring you to keep track of all foods and points you eat during the day, and staying below your allotted number of points. Spaces are included for water and exercise.
  • Jenny Craig. This program offers you food plans and special food to help you keep within your allotted calories and help you reach your goal. Beware: it can be quite expensive to keep buying the food, especially if you are a big eater.
  • NutriSystem. Like Jenny Craig, this program offers you a chance to buy food that will help you with your weight loss goal, either online or through the program.

All low-calorie diets promote exercise in combination with dieting to help you lose weight quickly and in a healthy way. Beware of very low-calorie diets. Human beings need a certain amount of calories per day in order to stay healthy and properly nourished, and while it might be tempting to starve yourself to lose that last 10 pounds, don't do it. Your health will most certainly suffer and you will likely gain the weight right back once you begin eating properly again.

By ensuring that you consult a doctor or diet professional before starting any low-calorie diet, you will lose weight and, more importantly, keep it off.