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Vegan Recipes

Principles of vegan cooking

Veganism doesn't have to be difficult, and there can be plenty of taste and variety in your vegan recipes. In fact, it's quite important that your vegan cooking include a wide range of the allowed foods so that you're not missing out on important nutrients and vitamins for your body.

Vegan Recipes

A vegan diet can be quite restrictive; more so than your average vegetarian diet. Vegans eat no meat or animal products at all, and beyond the diet restrictions, vegans also forego using any items made with animal product. While it may seem obvious what vegans won't eat, there are many foods that contain hidden animal products, so you will find a typical vegan recipe may leave out dairy products, eggs, and honey.

However, many of these products are used to make other foods, so vegans will also typically leave pasta, bread, cookies, and many other baked or processed foods off of the menu.

Don't Be Deprived with a Vegan Cookie Recipe

Since vegans avoid any foods made with milk and eggs, many baked treats, such as cookies and bread must be avoided. However, that doesn't mean the vegan in you has to miss out on your sweet favorites. You simply have to search out a vegan cookie recipe that doesn't include eggs or milk.

To replace milk in your vegan cookie recipe or your vegan vegetarian bread recipes, choose a non-dairy alternative. There is soy milk, almond milk, rice milk and potato milk. Take caution when cooking with dairy substitutes, however, as they can change the color, texture, and even the taste of your recipe.

Eggs can be more difficult to replace in your recipes, as they may be used for more than just taste. Sometimes eggs are used to provide moisture or to bind the ingredients together. In breads and baking, eggs are also used as a leavening agent, which causes the food to rise. You have to determine why there are eggs in a recipe before you can decide how to replace them.

If the egg is used in the recipe to bind the ingredients, your vegan cookie recipe or your vegan vegetarian bread recipes can replace them with flaxseed, tofu, or pureed fruit. If the egg is used as a leavening agent, your vegan recipe should replace them with baking powder, apple cider and vinegar.