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Salad Recipes

Secrets to healthy salad diet

A salad diet is similar to a vegetarian diet; however, many people look for great salad recipes not because they're participating in a salad diet, but because they want to make a great salad. While salad recipes designed for those trying to lose weight using a salad diet may be more restrictive, a great salad recipe, or even better, tasty salad dressing recipes, can spice up any meal.

The great thing about salad recipes is that really, anything goes. A good salad can have all kinds of vegetables, fruits, meats, cheeses and spices mixed together. Some of the best salads are made up of unexpected combinations, such as feta cheese, blueberries, and oranges mixed together on a plate of greens. Tastes that don't typically come to the table together can be combined to make a festival of flavors in your mouth.

Choosing Fruit Salad Recipes

Fruit salad recipes seem like they should be instinctual: combine a bunch of fruit together into a salad. However, there are many different types of fruit salad recipes that can make any regular day into something special. If you're trying to liven up your fruit salad, think unexpected tastes, such as exotic fruits or fruit that is out of season. You will also want to consider your fruit salad dressing recipes, as you can easily change your flavors with a dash of the right oils.

Many people top their fruit salad with whipped cream, but this really detracts from what could be a healthy snack or dessert. Instead, try honey, orange juice, lemon juice, pineapple juice, or yogurt and vanilla.

Making a Great Carrot Salad

A great carrot salad really depends on the types of ingredients you add. Carrot salad is a great item to make your own and to keep as your hidden weapon when it comes to potluck meals.

One carrot salad recipe simply calls for you to add shredded carrots to your favorite salad. You can also make shredded carrot salads that feature the carrot as the main ingredient. If you choose to go with a shredded carrot salad, opt to throw in ingredients such as parsley, lemon and olive oil to spice things up.