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Raw Food Recipes

Delicious raw food diet recipes

The raw food diet, or rawism as it's called by some people, consists of eating only plant-based foods that have not been processed or cooked in any way. Raw food recipes are quite easy to make, as there is little preparation involved and the ingredients are simple to find.

Raw food diet recipes are based on the idea that the healthiest food is that which exists in its natural state. The diet itself isn't a plan for weight loss, but a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

A typical raw food recipe will contain many different ingredients, which may be selected from foods such as seaweed, sprouts, seeds, whole grains, beans, fruits and nuts. However, the diet isn't necessarily vegetarian and some rawists will consume milk, eggs and cheese that has not been pasteurized or cooked.

Find a Great Raw Food Diet Recipe

There are many different places you can find a great raw food diet recipe. Just because you choose not to cook your food and you're avoiding any man-made or processed foods (which leaves out many seasonings and dressings) doesn't mean that you have to forego taste.

Look online to find a raw recipe that works for you and contains your favorite raw ingredients.

What to Avoid on a Raw Food Diet

The foods you include in a raw food diet are pretty straight forward: you need to avoid anything that you can't eat in its natural state, uncooked. This means that anything man-made should be avoided. Some things you should refrain from consuming include alcohol, caffeine, and any refined sugars.

While those who are committed to the raw food diet praise its ability to help you live a healthy life, improving the condition of your skin, maintaining your weight, and increasing energy, you should take caution that you don't malnourish yourself. Since the diet is primarily vegetarian, you're missing out on many of the vitamins and nutrients that are contained in meat and dairy products. Make sure that you take steps to ensure that you're getting the nourishment your body needs to survive.

Before embarking on any new meal plan, it's best to consult with a doctor or nutritionist, to make sure that you're including everything your body needs in your diet.