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Healthy Breakfast Recipes

Delicious and healthy breakfast ideas

Healthy breakfast foods are an important start to the day. Often, people get stuck in a breakfast rut, grabbing what's easy and quick as they rush out the door. That can lead to eating high-calorie, processed foods that don't really supply your body with the nourishment it needs to get you through the morning. Missing out on healthy breakfast ideas can lead to mid-morning snacking, increased coffee (and often therefore sugar) consumption, and overeating at the rest of the meals of the day.

However, healthy breakfast recipes can be easy to find and put together, even if you're in a rush. The key to a good healthy breakfast recipe is fresh ingredients - yes, skip that instant oatmeal or processed cereal bar!

Stick to the Basics for a Healthy Breakfast Recipe

A healthy breakfast recipe starts with choices that cover all the major food groups. You especially require protein in the morning in order to keep you full until your next meal. Dairy products, such as milk and yogurt, are good options. If at all possible, also choose fresh ingredients, and items high in fibre. A great breakfast for someone on the go could be a cup of plain, low-fat yogurt, with fruit and bran stirred in.

Following a Low Carb Breakfast Recipe

A low carb breakfast recipe is great for people on a carb restricted diet, such as the Atkins diet or the South Beach diet. However, many people doubt the overall health effects of a favorite Atkins diet breakfast of bacon and eggs. The best way to eat a low carb breakfast is to choose foods that are high in protein but low on fat and easy on the grease.

The great thing about a low carb, high protein breakfast is that it keeps you full throughout the morning, which reduces unnecessary snacking, which can lead to excessive calorie consumption. So trade in your muffin or bagel for low carb granola, peanut butter on whole grain toast, or a protein shake rich in vitamins. If you're a dedicated oatmeal fan, skip the instant stuff and go for real oats.

Taking the time to substitute little early morning habits for a healthier option can provide you with lots of great low carb breakfast recipes.