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Gluten Free Recipes

Tips for gluten free cooking

Many people who stick to gluten free cooking do so because of an allergy or sensitivity to gluten. Intolerance for gluten is also called celiac disease, so many cookbooks and websites also refer to gluten free recipes as celiac recipes. Whether you search for gluten free or celiac, you're guaranteed to come up with a ton of recipes you can try in order to enjoy your favorite foods without suffering the ill effects of gluten.

The problem most people find with suffering from celiac disease is that many of their favorite baked foods, such as bread, contain gluten. However, it's easy to find a gluten free recipe for almost any of your favorite dishes. As celiac disease becomes more common, it's also easier to find products that can be used to substitute for gluten.

A Great Gluten Free Bread Recipe

A great gluten free bread recipe requires gluten free flour that must be measured accurately and treated specifically in order to replicate the results of gluten. Different ingredients, such as almond, flaxseed, and arrowroot can be used to replicate gluten in the flour you use. Recipes that call for eggs rather than flour are also great for those suffering from celiac disease, since eggs can act as a leavener agent in baking.

Easy Gluten Free Cooking

Gluten free cooking is easiest when you simply avoid foods that naturally contain gluten. However, it can be difficult to give up all those yummy foods, such as bread, pizza, and cookies. If you choose to consume foods that are typically made with gluten, there are some easy tips to follow to help you out.

Check the labels of any product you don't make yourself. Meats, poultry, fish and most dairy products are gluten free, but anything that has been processed or is included in a soup, processed meal, or that is breaded may contain gluten.

Watch marinades, sauces, seasoning and gravies, which all may contain gluten. Avoid any types of starches or thickening agents that don't have ingredients clearly labelled, since these are hotspots for hidden gluten.

You may find it easiest to follow a gluten free diet if you choose to do all your cooking from scratch so that you know exactly what ingredients are used. However, if this isn't possible, you can also look for the gluten free label on foods, which helps you avoid any hidden gluten.