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Low Cholesterol Diet

Diet tips for low cholesterol

When you get that call from the doctor saying that your cholesterol is higher than it should be, many people dread the potential medications and changes in diet that they will need to adjust to. Most doctors will recommend a low-cholesterol diet, and will closely monitor your cholesterol levels to see if the diet takes care of the issue. You can achieve a healthier lifestyle as long as you keep those numbers low.

How to Create a Low Cholesterol Diet that Works for You

A diet to lower cholesterol doesn't need to be a huge hassle for you. Doctors have found that eating oatmeal for breakfast can lower your cholesterol. If you add some fresh sliced pears in your oatmeal, you will reap more healthy benefits than just eating the oatmeal alone. The reason pears are so helpful is unknown at this time, but they are a nutritious treat no matter what. Another tactic used in a diet to reduce cholesterol is to increase your intake of omega-3 fatty acids. This can be done through eating fish a few times a week, or by taking a supplement prescribed by your doctor (though your doctor can also recommend an over-the-counter supplement).

A diet for high cholesterol doesn't need to take over your life. Many foods, such as nuts and seeds, are safe, tasty and can lower your cholesterol as long as you eat them in moderate amounts. Soy is another food you can enjoy in moderation with your new, healthful lifestyle.

While a cholesterol-free diet sounds like a great idea for getting your cholesterol under control in a speedy manner, you do actually need some cholesterol in order for your body to function properly. In general, it's a good idea to avoid fats that are solid at room temperature. The key is to keep your diet low in cholesterol and fat; you don't have to completely eliminate them.

Low-cholesterol diet recipes are easy to find now, because many people find themselves in similar health situations. Low-cholesterol diets are a little easier to follow in today's busy lifestyle, because many restaurants now offer low-cholesterol meals, so you don't need to be worried when eating out or celebrating with family.

Having a diagnosis of high cholesterol does mean changes for your lifestyle, but with today's modern conveniences, it doesn't have to take over. There are dietary supplements, medications, diets and a great variety of healthy recipes to choose from to make eating an enjoyable experience, while also making sure your body remains strong.