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Acne Diet

Learn about diets for acne sufferers

An extremely unpleasant condition, acne affects the skin and is more than just pimples. It can also consist of ulcerated sores and pustules, and it can be extremely painful and embarrassing for the sufferer, leaving deep scars and pits in the face.

While it's normally considered a myth that acne is caused by diet, there is some scientific proof to suggest that this myth is actually fact. By eating a balanced diet, you can get your acne under control and even help to eliminate most of the symptoms.

The building blocks of an acne diet

Many doctors in the past have suggested that acne sufferers stay away from chocolate, sweets and fatty foods, but up until recently, scientists have not considered diet as a major factor in the presentation of acne. However, diet and acne have more of a link than previously thought.

Food with trans fats and saturated fats can contribute to oily skin, which can bring on breakouts. While still unproven, some doctors believe that a high-calorie diet can lead to increased hormone levels and also cause breakouts. The link between chocolate and acne is also unproven, but it is a food with saturated fats and a lot of sugar, and this can aggravate the condition. High incidences of iodine in the body have also been proven to cause acne lesions. Staying away from really salty foods may help prevent this.

If you suffer from acne, why not try a high protein diet? High-protein diets tend to be lower in calories and fats, helping your skin stay unclogged and decreasing the number of breakouts. As well, zinc and vitamin A have been proven to help in a balanced diet for acne skin—they provide nutrients that skin needs to produce oil properly. Some people say that green tea can decrease androgen production and reduce breakouts, so this is also something to try.

Remember, before trying any diet, make sure that you talk to your doctor. While diet for acne sufferers is extremely important, you can do damage to your body by trying a diet that isn't balanced. A doctor can help you find a healthy diet for acne that will still provide you with the amount of carbs, fruits, vegetables, protein and dairy you need to live well and not harm your body.