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Vegetarian Diet

Healthy vegetarian diet tips

One of the most popular diets out there these days is the vegetarian diet, or its close cousin, the vegan diet. While one is admittedly more extreme than the other, there are many benefits to eating more nutrients from a vegetable source, including the benefit of losing weight and detoxifying your body. If you couple those benefits with the fact that many vegetarians choose to eat organic or even try the raw food diet, eating vegetarian, when done right and under the care of a doctor, may be one of the healthiest diets out there.

Types of Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is the practice of nourishing oneself from vegetable sources only. Most human beings are omnivores, which means that we nourish ourselves from both plant and animal sources, so it can be hard for someone trying vegetarianism to go completely to vegetables. Hence, there are different forms of vegetarianism that may make it easier for you to cut some of the animal sources out of your diet:

  • A lacto-ovo vegetarian diet is the practice of eating mostly vegetable sources, but also eating milk and eggs. This is a good start for anyone beginning the practice of eating vegetarian, as protein is readily available.
  • Lacto vegetarianism is the practice of eating no animal products but partaking of milk products.
  • Vegetarianism means no animal products are consumed, but some vegetarians may occasionally eat cheese.
  • Veganism is the practice of neither eating nor wearing anything made from an animal in any way.

There are other people who may call themselves "pollo vegetarians" or "pecto vegetarians", meaning that they include meat products such as chicken or fish in their diet, but that is not the true definition of vegetarianism.

Before starting on your journey, make sure that you research healthy vegetarian recipes to ensure that you are getting all of your nutrients. One of the toughest things vegetarians may experience is not getting enough protein in their diet. You must be very careful to ensure that you are eating enough protein and vitamin B12 in order to stay healthy—otherwise, you could experience severe anemia. Free vegetarian recipes and vegetarian cookbooks online can help you meet your protein needs.

If you choose to go vegetarian, you may experience more energy and weight loss. Just ensure that before you try any diet, you consult your doctor or medical professional to see if it's safe and right for you.