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Organic Food Diet

Keeping your diet natural and organic

While some people choose to follow a raw food diet to get the most out of their food, the same benefits can be found in an organic food diet. Though the benefits of organic food have been argued worldwide, the fact remains that eating organic is basically the same as eating regularly grown food. The benefits from eating this kind of diet come from paying more attention to the variety, types and freshness of the foods you consume. There may be a slight benefit to eating organic, but the real benefit comes from ensuring that your vitamins and minerals are complete by eating a balanced diet of locally grown healthy fruits and vegetables.

What's the Deal with Organic Foods?

People who eat an organic food diet say that it delivers higher nutrients to the body, and because the food has been grown without pesticides and growth hormones, it's better for you. There is some truth in that – chemicals can be harmful to the body and toxins can build up in the liver. However, the big drawback to eating organic is that it's hard on your pocketbook – all that freshly grown food doesn't come cheap. However, cost aside, incorporating organic food into your diet is certainly a great way to get more nutrients, stay healthier and could even help promote weight loss.

Some natural foods include:

  • Organic meat. This comes from animals that have not been injected with growth hormones, and have been raised compassionately on a farm that does not abuse or harm them.
  • Organic vegetables. These are grown locally and in season. When you buy organic vegetables, you are supporting your local farmers. No pesticides or additives are used on these either, making them healthier for you than a hothouse veggie.
  • If you really want to go all out, why not try other organic foods, like organic coffee and candies? While they aren't really made any differently from regular coffee and candy, they do have less food additives and the beans and chocolate are grown on organic farms.

Whether you choose to follow an organic diet or not, the benefits of eating fresh vegetables and lean meat alone are enough to convince some people that eating organic is the best thing to do for your body. As with all diets, make sure that you are eating a complete and balanced offering in order to get to your optimal weight and health.