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Macrobiotic Diet

Starting a macrobiotic diet for better health

Starting a macrobiotic diet is one way of changing your lifestyle to encourage better health. A macrobiotic diet is not just about paying attention to what you eat: it's all about reconsidering how you live. Macrobiotic diets encourage people to live an organic and spiritually aware life, in all aspects of being, including food selection.

A macrobiotic diet menu is similar to a vegetarian diet; however, you can include some fish in your food choices. Natural foods are the primary staple, and you should be looking for organic products when you shop. Remember, though, that a macrobiotic diet is about more than just the food you eat. Starting a macrobiotic diet will involve re-evaluating your entire outlook on life and the way you choose to live.

How Do I Stick to a Macrobiotic Diet?

When starting a diet, many people are concerned about their ability to stick to the plan. A macrobiotic diet isn't difficult to follow if you fully adopt the lifestyle principles that inspire the menu. Originating from Japan, the macrobiotic diet menu focuses on balance of natural foods, bringing food together based on its elements of sweet or sour, and salty or bitter. There are lots of choices available for the diet, which makes it easier to follow than many other more restrictive menus. It's also a great option for people who are interested in the benefits of a vegetarian menu but also enjoy fish.

Making a Macrobiotic Diet Recipe

The focus of a macrobiotic diet recipe is the type of food you're using. Most macrobiotic dieters prefer local, naturally grown foods over imported or processed choices. For those who aren't prepared to commit to a completely vegetarian menu, some meats and fish are allowed, as long as they are lean and organic. However, poultry is not considered an option.

Foods that stimulate, containing caffeine or chemicals, are also off the menu for a macrobiotic diet.

The key to a macrobiotic diet recipe is the preparation. Foods should be consumed in as close to natural state as possible and any cooking must not be done with preservatives or excessively fatty ingredients.

If you're starting a macrobiotic diet, you should consult with a nutritionist, since you can easily be missing out on some essential vitamins and nutrients due to some of the food restrictions.