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Healthy Diets

Optimize your health through diet

Diets don't just help you lose weight – they also help your body function better and bring you back to better health. The average American could be a lot healthier, and sticking to a nutritious diet can provide the vitamins and nutrients that you need. Therefore, "diet" doesn't necessarily mean that you're depriving yourself – it can mean that you are providing your body with what it needs so that your physical and mental capacities can improve and work together.

Benefits of a Healthy Diet

The benefits of healthy diets are numerous. Besides providing nutrients to your body, healthy diet programs can:

  • Build your energy and your mental capacities. When you eat healthily, your mind becomes sharper and your energy levels rise. This allows you to get more done in a day and keeps you energized at night, instead of feeling tired and run down.
  • Heal your body from minor illnesses and injury faster. A healthy diet meal plan provides the nutrients your body needs. Without vitamins and proper minerals, your blood iron level can be low, your skin can lose elasticity and collagen, and you can take weeks to recover from a minor cold. Eating well provides your body with the tools it needs to rebuild itself after minor traumas, and can even help with chronic health problems as well.
  • Optimizes intestinal function. While we don't like to think of "down there," healthy diet meals do more than just nourish our body as a whole. Your intestinal tract is an important part of how your body stays healthy. When good bacteria (that allows nutrients to pass through the walls of your intestine) is scrubbed away due to illness or unhealthy eating, your body doesn't work as well and you may feel tired and sick much more often. Rebuilding not only the nutrients, but the bacteria itself, is an important part of proper health.
  • Help you lose weight. While this may seem like a no-brainer, losing weight isn't just about image. Diets that promote weight loss actually make you healthier, as well. Even losing 10 pounds is easier on your heart, lungs, mind and bones, and can help you live longer.

Types of Healthy Diets

Some healthy diet ideas include:

Learn more about the type of diets available to you and get back on the road to health and wellness. The better you feel, the better your quality of life.