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Grapefruit Diet

Get the facts on the grapefruit diet

One of the most popular fad diets out there is probably the grapefruit diet. Practiced throughout the years (since at least 1930) by actresses and famous people, the diet includes a large amount of grapefruit and is purported to help you lose weight quickly and keep it off. Grapefruit supposedly triggers weight loss when combined with protein to burn fat quickly and provide energy to the dieter. However, though following any of the many high-protein grapefruit diets out there does lead to weight loss, once the dieter returns to a normal diet, the weight tends to come back.

Grapefruit diet information for people who want to lose weight

It's been said that the Atkins diet may have found its roots in the grapefruit diet, which combines high-protein foods with grapefruit. For those following the diet, a typical meal plan may look like this:

  • Breakfast: two eggs, two slices of bacon, black coffee, half a grapefruit or 8 ounces of grapefruit juice
  • Lunch: salad with low-fat dressing, unlimited meat, half a grapefruit or 8 ounces of grapefruit juice
  • Dinner: red or green vegetables (non-starchy), salad, fish or meat (as much as the dieter wants) and half a grapefruit or 8 ounces of grapefruit juice
  • Snack: 8 ounces of skim milk

While the sample diet above does foster healthy eating habits, the lack of fats and dairy can take a toll on the body. A high protein diet, when practiced correctly, can help you lose weight and be healthier (and also may be a good choice for someone with diabetes or another medical condition), but it should only be undertaken under the strict guidance and supervision of a medical professional.

The grapefruit juice diet is a variation on the grapefruit diet and may be easier for those who want to try this diet but don't like grapefruit.

Be aware that the best way to lose weight is to follow a healthy diet complete in all five food groups and to get plenty of exercise. While the grapefruit diet or a variation thereof may help you lose weight, it probably won't help you keep it off.