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Blood Type Diet

Determining diet by blood type

The blood type diet assumes that the foods that are best for you and your health are based on your particular blood type. To diet by blood type, you have to increase certain foods in your diet, while eliminating others. Blood type diet food isn't a special type of food; it's just regular, natural foods selected based on your body's needs.

The theory behind the blood type diet is that your blood type affects the way your digestive system works; therefore, some foods will be better processed by your body, depending on whether you're A, B, AB or O.

Although there is little clinical evidence to back up the claims surrounding the blood type diet, many people find it helpful. This may be because it encourages them to look at their eating habits, increase their exercise, and limit the unhealthy foods they consume.

Blood Type Diet Food Lists

Blood type diet food lists detail the foods you should eat, as well as the foods you should avoid, based on your blood type. It's easy to find blood type diet food lists that explain exactly what foods to include in your meals, but they're all based on generalizations of what your blood type means for your digestive system.

An A blood type may want to consider a vegetarian diet high in soy proteins. Exercise should be gentle and natural, such as walking or working in the garden.

Type Bs should follow a low-fat diet filled with a variety of foods, but restrict grains and lentils.

A type AB has a sensitive digestive system and needs to avoid meats but eat seafood, dairy, and fruits and vegetables.

An O blood type requires lean proteins and vigorous exercise. If you're an O, you should be restricting carbohydrates, grains and breads and filling up on lots of lean meat, such as chicken.

The blood type diet is a holistic approach to maintaining weight and overall health which provides healthy eating tips to all blood types and encourages a healthy lifestyle with exercise. Unlike a quick fix diet that promises to drop pounds quickly, or a hard to maintain diet that severely restricts the types of foods you can eat, despite its lack of medical evidence, the blood type diet provides generally good healthy living tips for all blood types.