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Diet Pills

Do weight loss pills actually work?

Diet pills are the subject of great debate—do they actually help you lose weight, or are they just an expensive placebo? In a culture obsessed with losing weight and losing it fast, any "miracle" diet or pill is immediately attractive, especially if it means that we can lose the weight quickly and keep it off.

While some diet pills do work (within context), others are just expensive placebos that can do more harm than good. It is generally recommended that you lose weight in a healthier manner, using diet and exercise. However, in severe medical cases where the patient is morbidly obese, diet pills may be prescribed.

Types of diet pills

Diet pills work by suppressing your urge to eat, which in turn causes you to eat less. There are generally two types of diet pills available: prescription diet drugs and non-prescription weight loss supplements. It has been proven that the only drugs that work are those containing the active ingredient phenylpropanolamine (PPA). However, this chemical raises your risk of stroke and can be addictive, so drugs like this are only prescribed for the morbidly obese.

Weight loss pills may contain chemicals and items such as oils, vitamins and herbal "fat burners" that purportedly help to suppress your hunger and burn fat. They all come with the caveat, however, that diet and exercise are needed to help you lose weight. In this case, it's really the healthy diet and exercise that are helping you lose weight, and probably not the pill.

Diet supplements do have the added bonus of making you think you're losing weight, however, which can promote a positive attitude and give you the motivation and willpower to continue with your diet plan. However, this is not a reason to take pills that can potentially harm you. If you're worried about the amount of weight you're carrying, speak to your doctor. He or she may consider putting you on a prescription pill, such as the phentermine diet pill, in order to kick start your body's metabolism.

Never take a diet pill without carefully reading the side effects and risks. You can do your body serious harm if you are one of the people who should not take diet pills. Lose weight sensibly and remember to always consult a medical professional before trying any diet or pill.